The Bride & Groom

Here’s the origin story of these two goofs, who you’ve ever so kindly agreed to celebrate…

Matt and Alyssa met in 2011 at Karl Strauss Brewing Company, where they were both interning on the Marketing team. Matt walked into the brewery to find some redhead sitting at his desk, and when she introduced herself as the new intern, he assumed he must have been fired. (It turns out that Karl had multiple interns and everything was fine, but no one bothered to tell Matt that.) Meanwhile, Alyssa recognized him from USD and thought he was cute, and was very shy and awkward about it, which was very on-brand for her.

Their first date was at Blind Lady Ale House, which ended up being a very appropriate choice given their shared love of craft beer and supporting local restaurants. A few months later on 3/3/12 on a weekend trip to Vegas with friends, Matt asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend!

Fast forward exactly eleven years later.

The bride and groom are thrilled to invite you to join them (in their beloved little beach town, Pacific Beach) at a Rowing Club they’ve walked by many times during their neighborhood walks. In true Matt and Alyssa fashion, they’ve already started icing down the beers and can’t wait to raise a glass and cheers with you!