You have questions? We have answers!

Where’s the party?

Our wedding will be in Pacific Beach at Zlac Rowing Club, 1111 Pacific Beach Drive, San Diego CA 92109

What is the attire?

Cocktail attire. Our venue is at the beach so don’t feel like you need to be too formal. (We do recommend bringing a layer, see below.)

What’s the weather like in Pacific Beach in March?

It can definitely get chilly in March, especially after the sun goes down. Our venue is on the water and the majority of it is outdoors, so we highly recommend bringing a jacket and/or dressing for the outdoors.

Are both the ceremony and the reception at Zlac Rowing Club?

Yep! Pay your Lyft or park your car… everything’s happening in the same place!

Can I park onsite?

You can! There are a fair amount of parking spaces reserved just for us, and there’s also plenty of neighborhood parking just a block away. However, we always encourage ride shares if you plan on imbibing.

Will there be an open bar? Will there be good beer at this wedding?

Literally whose wedding do you think this is. Absolutely! (But please leave your flasks at home, our venue is strictly beer/wine/seltzers only, no hard alcohol. Don’t think we don’t know what you’re up to.)

Will you feed us?

Just kidding, of course we will. And to Matt’s relief, none of the food will have white sauce on it. (We’ll also have gluten-free and vegan options available… we’ll have a question about this later on the RSVP.)

Will we be dancing?

Oh yeah we will.

Are kids welcome?

We love your kiddos, but given the nature of the venue, this will be a 21+ celebration. We hope this notice is enough time for you to make other arrangements, and make this a much-deserved Date Night!

What health & safety measures will you be taking during the event?

While we won’t officially be checking, we ask that you are either vaccinated/boosted or get a COVID test before the wedding to ensure the safety of all our guests.

Can I post pictures on social media?

Absolutely! Just make sure Alyssa looks real good in them. We encourage you to use the hashtag #CaputoRingOnIt. (Note: we’ll have an Unplugged Ceremony which means no photos during that portion please, but we’ll remind you about that on the Big Day.)

Where is your registry?

We know many of you are traveling from near and far. Your presence truly is our present and there is no pressure to give anything further. But if you are so inclined, we are saving up for a Honeymoon later in 2023 and would be honored should you wish to contribute. You can find out more about this on our “In Lieu of Registry” page.

Where do I RSVP?

Right here on our website!